My world I'm a happily taken southern expecting mother to be, that couldn't ask for a better southern gentleman or father of our baby to have by my side, and share this journey in life. i like being able to get dolled up and go shoot guns in the back yard all in the same day. I love my friends, and most of em are guys. starting my life over fresh!! college student. went to hair school, changed my mind. its 420 everyday in my eyes!!!

The roundness is gettin real

I’ve given up alot to be in this relationship. I love dustin alot. But it seems like lately he doesnt recognize or appreciate what I’ve done to make this work. First I gave up my life.. then my independence… next my job… my comfort zone… move away from everyone and stuck with no way to see anyone because I gave up my car for his use. Then I trade my car in to get rid of the baggage that came along so we can lead a better life without that and get another one.. just to be told “someones gotta pay the bills” well thank god someone is so appreciative of what I’ve done. Its always a great feelin to know everything you’ve done was not for good but only helped show someones true colors. I wouldn’t have given my life to have it thrown back in my face. If this is to much for you to handle then leave me out of it.

I cant believe I’ve made decent decisons all my life. I’m 26 with my FIRST child on the way.. which is rare around here.. most people had kids by at least 18.. and I finally think.. I got it right.. when I’m not even sure anymore. I feel like I’m gonna end up another single mom.


You ain’t what I’m on playboiii




look at the gravitational pull of her vagina! he gets sucked right into it


omfg dat ass grab yo

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